NITTO Trade Co., Ltd.


NITTO Trade Co., Ltd introduces "JAPAN BRAND" to the world. We have been making cultural exchanges across the world for nearly 30 years. Over those years, we have received the following comments from politicians and economists.
gWe also want economic exchange in addition to cultural exchange."
"Japanese technique and tradition is remarkable. We want Japanese products and services".
In order to answer their demands, we established NITTO Trade Co., Ltd in Kyoto and have been in business since then.

Japan is a technological superpower. Having been through rapid growth, Japan has become one of worldfs leading country of economic power leading in technology and manufacturing. However, this is not only about recent years. Japan has been a technological superpower since the ancient times. Japan has a history of 2,700 years since the accession of Emperor Jinmu. A type of polished stoneware, known as the oldest blade in human history, was found in Gunma Prefecture and this dates back even further to 30,000 years ago. Also, the oldest wooden 5-story pagoda building, Horyuji, has been standing in Nara for 1,300 years. Main parts of Horyuji is built with Yarikanna (an ancient cartenter's tool). Yarikanna is very similar to polished stoneware. Therefore, the processing technology of Japan is inferred to have a history of 30,000 years. What we call the "JAPAN BRAND" is the "aesthetic feelingh and gtechnique of expressionh that Japan has developed over the years.

We have the selection of the best traditional Japanese products ("JAPAN BRAND"). The products are not only for you to enjoy, but we also try to adjust the Japanese materials and techniques to suit the world by merging local techniques. Please contact us if you wish to have collaboration with Japanese craftsmanship.

We strongly hope our business will become the bridge between Japan and the world.


2015/08/28 EXPOsition KYOTO Japan in Istanbul NEW
August 28~30, 2015, VIP exposition will be held at Istanbul, Turkey. We are looking forward to seeing you at the event. For more information ... VIP EXHIBITION

2015/08/21 EXPOsition KYOTO Japan in Istanbul
August 28~30, 2015, VIP exposition will be held at Istanbul, Turkey. Free reception on the first day! (August 27)
For more information ... VIP EXHIBITION

2015/07/03 Japan Craft Week at UAE. July 25 ~ August 1, 2015
We will be introducing the best Japanese traditional craftsmanship (Imariyaki and hand drawn Yuzen Kimono) at UAE (Dubai). We hope to continue this cultural exchange between the Middle East and Japan through the Japan Craft Week. We look forward to this new opportunity.
For more information ... VIP EXHIBITION





EXPOsition KYOTO Japan in Istanbul
August 27, 2015 ~ August 30, 2015